February 15, 2023

How can Counselling help with Anxiety?

Counselling can be really effective in getting to the root cause of your anxiety, and helping you to deal with it on a day to day basis.

Written by

Nicole Biggs

Counselling has been used to help people with their anxiety for decades. Counselling provides a safe, neutral, calm and confidential space in which you can explore what is making you anxious now, so that you can better understand it.

Together, we can identify the early signs of anxiety that are unique to you, so that you can take action to stop an anxiety attack.

We can identify and work through the cause of your anxiety, exploring your past, present and future together..

We can identify any habits, thoughts or behaviour that may be causing or contributing to your anxiety.

We can work together to devise effective ways to deal with and manage your unique anxiety.

I can teach you coping strategies like breathing techniques, backward chaining and relaxation.

We can explore your anxiety history together so that you can better understand it and break any habits, faulty thinking, limiting beliefs or chains.

We can help you develop and implement new habits to help you deal with your anxieties.

We can explore the anxiety history of your family so that we can identify any family traits, learned behaviours or learned thought patterns, enabling you to then take action and stop them.

We can explore and work through any past trauma that may be causing you distress and anxiety.

Counselling is therefore great for understanding and dealing with your anxiety.

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