A form of therapy that uses guided relaxation, your imagination, and the power of your subconscious in which you can feel more relaxed and deal with your issues.

man laying down doing hypnotherapy
How does it work?

Let go of your stress & worries.

When you hear the word 'hypnosis', you might picture a swinging pocket watch or somebody clucking like a chicken. But hypnosis is not magic; it's a state of deep relaxation that allows therapists to work using the power of your subconscious to help with various issues.

Make Positive Changes 

Have a bad habit you want to kick? Hypnotherapy is shown to double the chances of quitting destructive activities like smoking. 

Reduce Pain and Anxiety

This process reduces the symptoms of pain, depression and anxiety. It is also fantastic to help you beat fears and phobias. 

What Can I Expect?

During hypnosis, you are aware of what is happening around you, but you may feel your mind has wandered off.

Using verbal repetition and mental images to guide you into deep relaxation, you will find yourself more open to suggestions and making positive changes in your life.


Results that speak for themselves

So glad I found Nicole. From the first time I spoke to her she made me feel very much at ease and it was easy to feel comfortable sharing my anxieties with her. She is very empathetic, generous and gave me a safe space. I am feeling so much better. She has helped me accept and move forwards, leaving behind unhelpful thoughts and habits. I have a better, and kinder understanding of myself and others. No hesitation in recommending

Mrs S.D

“I’ve had a number of sessions with Nicole, and I’ve found them to be really helpful. At every session, Nicole makes sure you feel at ease and works with how you’re feeling on that particular day. Overall, there is always a calm and comforting atmosphere in which you can explore whatever issues or
feelings you need to.

Miss L.L

I saw Nicole whilst I have going through a hard time with my partner as I needed guidance, advice and just someone to talk too. Nicole gave me tools to help navigate that uncertain time which helped me take control of my life and relationship. I will forever be grateful, thank you.

Miss A.G

Her support with all the things that have happened in my life that have knocked my confidence and left me with social anxiety have been ground breaking. I have gained so much power over my own life, as well as I have started to gain confidence to be able to stand up for what I believe in. This has not been an easy road for me. Thank you, so much Nicole. “

Miss C.W

I went into hypnotherapy a little nervous, I’m so glad I did as this has helped me massively understanding my anxiety and overcome emetophobia after 30 years of suffering. This has given me confidence in myself and made me realise I am stronger than I believed. So a massive thank you.

Mrs V.H

Nicole’s help made a huge difference to my confidence and self-esteem. I was in the process of applying for a new job but felt I was held back by my mindset. Nicole’s counselling and hypnotherapy were instrumental in helping me achieve my goals and establish an improvement sense of identity.

Miss S.J

I have had sessions with Nicole for numerous different reasons, anxiety, confidence, past experiences. From my first appointment Nicole made me feel so comfortable, she listened and understood and worked with me to find the best ways to help me. I was so nervous about doing hypnotherapy but within minutes of my first session I felt so at ease. I would highly recommend Nicole.

Miss M.T.

During the time I spent with Nicole, she made me feel comfortable, supported, and heard. When I asked for changes or different approaches, Nicole was completely receptive and listened to what I needed, and tailored the sessions to my preference and helped me explore new avenues and
approaches to healing and confidence.

Miss L.R

I found Nicole to be really personable and easy to talk too. She really helped me sort out my issues by discussing my past, present and future. Its sometimes a feeling of being judged that stops us telling our whole truth but with Nicole I felt safe. I was quite shocked at how few sessions I needed
in the end.

Ms J.T

At my first appointment I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to expect. Within a few minutes I was at ease by Nicole she made me feel so welcome and has this warm soothing voice. I didn’t feel silly trying to explain why I had come to see her. My personal issues were causing me anxiety, unable to switch off at night, brain overwhelmed. With Nicole’s help I am learning to manage this through relaxation techniques.


Take advantage of your free one-hour session.

Life can be challenging, and sometimes we all need someone to talk to.

I offer a free one hour therapy session so whether you're struggling with anxiety, depression, phobias or bad habits, I can help. Don't miss out!

Good to know.

Everything you need to know about hypnotherapy.

What is a state of hypnosis?

This is when you are on automatic pilot, and are not consciously thinking about what you are doing. This is when your subconscious takes over your everyday tasks like driving, washing up, or cleaning. You put yourself into a state of hypnosis, I simply help and guide you. 

What is hypnotherapy?

Therapy whilst you are in a state of hypnosis. This enables you to access your subconscious directly to find answers and make changes.  

What is your subconscious?

There are two parts of your mind:

- The conscious - this what we use to think with, and what we typically think of when we say ‘our mind’. Your conscious mind goes to sleep to rejuvenate. It is logical and analytical and learns through curiosity. 

- The subconscious - Your subconscious does all of our automatic actions like walking and breathing. It never goes to sleep. It is where our memories, beliefs and habits are stored. It is creative and works with symbols, metaphors and stories. It learns through repetition.

Why is your subconscious so important?

Often we do not know why we feel the way we feel, or have the issues we have. We cannot find a logical explanation. This is an indicator that the issue may be in your subconscious. Our subconscious remembers everything that has ever happened to us, even if we cannot currently access those memories. It is also where we need to change any habits or beliefs.

What is a hypnotherapy session like?

I simply get you into a deep state of relaxation. It is like when your alarm clock goes off but you cannot be bothered to turn it off. You will hear everything I say, but just may not choose to pay any attention to it. A hypnotherapy session is lovely and relaxing.

What if I fall asleep or my mind wanders?

This is absolutely fine, everything will still work. Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious which never wanders or falls asleep, only your conscious does this. 

How is hypnotherapy different from stage hypnotism?

Both use people who are in a state of hypnosis. The stage hypnotist uses this to entertain an audience, I use it to help you. I am also an ethical therapist who is bound to act in your best interests and do no harm

Can you make me do something I don’t want to do?

No, I cannot make you do anything. I also do not control you. I simply make suggestions. You will have values stored in your subconscious and you will not do anything that will be in breach of these.

What is ‘suggestible’?

When you are in a state of hypnosis you are more ‘suggestible’. This is because your conscious filters are not in place. This means that you will do and say things without thinking about it logically beforehand. You will also accept what I say more, and so when I tell you that you are strong and confident you will actually believe me.  

Still have questions?

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