June 22, 2023

What is Counselling?

Whenever your mental health is not good, everyone tells you to get some counselling. However, what is counselling?

Written by

Nicole Biggs

Whenever your mental health is not good, everyone tells you to get some counselling. However, what is counselling?

Counselling is:

  • Somewhere to talk through your issues.
  • An opportunity to explore your current position and start to understand how you got here.
  • Someone to listen to you, where everything is all about you.
  • Someone to really hear you, who wants to know and understand you.
  • A safe place, where everything is confidential.
  • A non-judgemental space.
  • A place of healing, understanding, growth and empowerment.
  • An independent and informed person to bring a fresh perspective to your position and life.
  • A safe pair of hands who will stand by you and help you tackle some tough and emotional issues, so that they no longer affect your daily life.
  • A trusted guide to help you get out of a bad situation, stop bad habits, improve your thinking patterns, and banish the skeletons of the past.
  • An experienced and qualified person who can help you to unravel what is going on.
  • A sounding board to try out new ideas and points of view.
  • Somewhere where you can explore possibilities and devise a plan to get out of your current position.
  • An opportunity to get to know yourself better and understand why you are the way you are.
  • A space where you can safely express, process and deal with emotions.
  • Somewhere where you can learn coping strategies.
  • Someone who is in your corner and committed to helping you.
  • A dedicated and safe space for you to be vulnerable, honest, and totally you.
  • Somewhere to explore your thoughts, behaviours, and feelings in more depth.
  • Someone to help you find the root cause of your issues.
  • An opportunity to understand your behaviours or specific way of thinking and explore ways in which they can be changed to benefit you.
  • Somewhere that you can learn to take back control of your life.
  • Life changing.
  • Just for you, and no-one else.

Counselling is NOT:

  • Someone to tell you what to do. Counselling helps you to find the solutions yourself.
  • A magic wand with which you will be instantly ‘fixed’. A person cannot be ‘fixed’ only understood and encouraged to change.
  • How you can force someone to change or deal with an issue. Someone must want to go to counselling themselves. You should not go to counselling for someone else.
  • Somewhere to just moan about your life. You must be willing to be vulnerable, honest, and do the work.
  • Easy. Counselling can be painful and hard work and often involves exploring things that you have been trying to ignore.
  • A place where you have to watch what you say and do in case it is scrutinised and hidden meanings found. I am not there to judge you. I am here to help.
  • Expensive and time consuming. Reduced rates are available. We can also agree a fixed number of sessions (minimum of which I would advise is 6).
  • Shameful or a sign of weakness. To be truly strong, you must be willing to examine yourself and grow and adapt dependent on the situation. You learn these skills at counselling.
  • Where you go only when you are desperate or in crisis. If you seek counselling earlier, then the easier it will be to deal with your issue.

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