February 15, 2023

Why are Relaxing and Recharging Essential for Good Mental Health?

We all need to relax and recharge but we have a tendency to not value this time, however it is essential for good mental health

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We cannot be on the go 24 hours a day, otherwise we will make ourselves ill. We simply do not have the energy reserves to sustain this. Therefore, we all need to learn what we need to do to relax and recharge our batteries.

What relaxing and recharging is differs from person to person, as we are all unique. Some people climb rock faces to relax, but this would not be a relaxing experience for me! Find what works for you, and make sure that you incorporate it into your life.

You could:

  • Start a hobby, this will also help you to make friends.
  • Do some exercise, even if it is just walking around the block.
  • Spend time with friends or family
  • Have a day off and go out for the day
  • Take a holiday
  • Turn your phone off for a while
  • Have a duvet day
  • Have fun, when we are joyful, we relax.

Recognise that it is important to allow yourself to relax. Therefore, safeguard this time. Block time out in your day. Turn off your phone and laptop. Tell people you are unavailable and do things that bring you joy.

You are more productive if you have time off, as you will have more energy reserves. Resting charges up our batteries, enabling us to do more. To be more observant, more creative, more patient, more accurate, and so more productive.

The modern world of business and work seems to promote the lie that you can work long hours, be under a great deal of stress, don’t take your holiday days, and sleep for only short periods. This is simply not true; this lifestyle leads to burnout. If your workplace has this kind of toxic culture, then you seriously need to ask yourself why you stay there.

Rest comes in many ways. There is of course the obvious, sleep. We all need on average 8 hours sleep a night; however, this differs from person to person. I would encourage everyone to have a good sleep routine. Ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep should be a top priority.

There are also our holidays, time when we can really switch off and totally recharge our batteries. I would urge people to take their allocated holiday days, and to ensure that they do relax and recharge their batteries. Time away from work and our stressful everyday lives is essential.

The healing and restorative power of nature. If we realise that stress is our fight or flight response, we can also start to see the necessity of getting out and away from the stressful situation to give our brains and bodies a rest from the constant firing of the response.  

Spending time with friends and family can be a fantastic way to recharge our batteries. However, this of course depends on your friends and family! Spending a lovely day catching up with friends can help with stress and anxiety. It can also be a great distraction.

However you relax and recharge, be sure to include it into your daily life.

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